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The Seesaw


This year, in my annual catch-up-with-friends-letter, I'm sharing my excitement about working with the Charter for Compassion. No more Sunday Night Blues about the week about to begin. It was new to me--work with a purpose, and while for a few years now, the Charter has been my positive parallel reality when the news was too hard for me to watch, now I am at work, right here.
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I'm a very visual person and often thoughts come in pictures. For instance, the calendar in my head is a flattened oval, with January 2022 starting just around the curve as it moves upward and the shortest and the longest days of the year are bolded and stand out.

A seesaw is how I see the Charter's work. Every day, we who do the work, volunteer, or financially support the Charter in co-creating a world that is compassionate and just for all in it, are climbing the seesaw. And when there are enough of us, all doing whatever we can do to move the work forward, the seesaw will tip. It is inevitable. While in previous years I'd get discouraged, because progress is slow and there is so much to be done, this year I know that even my one little step at a time on the seesaw moves us toward our goal and I no longer feel powerless. We all dream of the year ahead, make plans, write down resolutions. Will you add the Charter to your plans, join us on the seesaw? Help us, by volunteering or by financially supporting our work.

Happy Holidays! I wish you good health, joy, and the warm connection of community.

With warm regards,
Lynn de Vree
Office Manager

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Monday, 05 June 2023
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