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Dear Charter family,

I write with bittersweet news. After nearly seven years of serving (and more importantly, being served by) the Charter for Compassion's vast and visionary network, I am moving on from my role with the organization at the end of this month. The last seven years have held many seasons, and it has been my absolute honor to share those seasons with you.

With every partner I welcomed, every community I helped in coordinating, I have been buoyed by the goodness that is happening in our sometimes seemingly broken world. With every Zoom call and every email, I have been floored -- and then floored again, and again -- by the generosity and resilience of individuals, and the collective impact that a group committed to compassion can have.

And what I am most grateful to the Charter for, I hope to take with me. You. The relationships we've built together. Whether you knew it or not, you have all carried me through my own personal seasons – seasons of joy and grief, seasons of trust and uncertainty, and mostly: growth. For that I am eternally humbled. 

Thank you.

Mimi Hicklin, Program Coordinator
Charter for Compassion

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Monday, 05 June 2023
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